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Hi all!

This is an archive of Bagenders Seasons 2 and 3!

Season 1 can still be found on the original site - http://bagenders.stormpages.com/

I thought it was really sad that the only way to get to season 2 was either joining a yahoo community (if that's still running, I couldn't find it.), or going through page after page of files on an internet archive site.  So I decided to create this (free, public, wonderful) livejournal to spread the comedic genius that is Bagenders.

Disclaimer: I didn't write this. I am neither LadyAlyssa, nor Random Dent. I don't know them personally. I am not writing any more Bagenders, I don't have the comedic know-how that they did.

But enough of that.  First episode, coming right up!

 - Raeniel

Table of Contents!

Bagenders II: The Long Awaited Sequel

They've Moved House.
They even remembered to cancel the milk first.
But they forgot to pack Aragorn's underwear.

The anguish!

The sounds of muffled violence!

Gandalf! In Stereo!

Episode 1: University Challenge in the Dark
Jeremy Paxman thought he was afraid of no man. Then he met the Fellowship.

Episode 2: The Fallout Shelter of Impending Doom
Aragorn decides that nuclear armageddon is upon them.

The 'Bagenders' Christmas Special
Legolas does some serious thinking about his life.

The 'Bagenders' Tribute to Tolkien's Eleventy First Birthday
Taking a leaf out of George Lucas' book (a short one with big pictures), Bagenders goes prequel! And we mean really prequel, like 3500 years before the first episode. When we say prequel, we mean really 'pre'.

Episode 3: The Dream Fridge
Supernatural happenings, mental breakdowns and stilton. Mostly unconnected to one another.

Episode 4: Mirror of Modernity
Boromir attempts to adjust to the Modern World. Boromir fails.

Episode 5: Farewell to Sanity
Aragorn tries to get his Ranger skills back.

Random Slashy Interlude: The Phantom Relationsips
Slash, violence, confusion. Can be missed out safely if you don't like m/m.

Episode 6: The Great Trip
Parts of the Fellowship need to get out more.

Episode 7: The Breaking of the Chair
24 Hours in the Fellowship house

Episode 2 (Part 1)

Episode 2: The Fallout Shelter of Impending Doom Collapse )This episode is too large for one post, so I split it in thirds.
 - RC


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